Protect Your Kids Future from Identity Theft!

Freeze your child's credit to keep their future safe

Brought to you by security expert Robert Siciliano

Robert Siciliano is the go to Security Expert for Identity Theft Protection. Robert is also a father of two daughters, and he understands the importance of not only protecting his children now, but also securing their future as well. That is why Robert has developed the Freeze ID program so that you have all of the tools you need to protect your children’s future as well!

How Does Freezing Your Child's Credit WORK?

Putting a freeze on your child’s credit is the absolute best way to protect their future from identity theft. Freeze ID enables you, the parent, to bypass all of the tedious paperwork and hassle involved with attaining a child credit freeze.

Start Preparing

Start preparing by filling out the form at the bottom of this page. From there you will receive all of the information necessary to begin your child’s credit freeze.

Gather Your Documents

Gather key items for your child’s credit freeze: driver’s license, social security card, a utility bill, and your child’s birth certificate.

Let Us Handle The Rest

Freeze ID makes it seamless and easy for parents to protect their children. Freeze ID handles everything!

AS seen on The dr. oz show

Robert Siciliano will be record on The Dr. Oz Show on October 9th, 2019. Stay tuned for Robert’s Recap about why Child Credit Freezes are important!

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