Big Time Black Market For Your Credit Cards



There is an entire underground black-market out there hacking, buying and selling your information to steal your identity. The most sought after data is your credit card numbers.

“Carders” are the criminals who buy and sell “dumps,” which are large quantities of credit card and bank account details. Carders and other criminal hackers are also interested in so-called “fullz,” which include first and last names, email addresses and passwords, billing addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers, bank account numbers and routing numbers, and even information like the names of victims’ employers and the number of years victims have been at their current jobs. These details help criminals commit new account fraud or account takeover fraud.

Krebs on Security recently reported on, a public-facing website that openly sells this data to registered members. The website proclaims, “Our Databases are updated EVERY DAY. About 99% nearly 100% US people could be found, more than any sites on the internet now.”

Prices for bits and pieces of your identity go for as little as 9 cents, and it looks as though Social Security numbers are available for as low as $3 each.

Most of this stolen data results in new account fraud. Fraudulent credit card applications are the most lucrative form of new account fraud. Identity thieves love credit cards because they are the easiest accounts to open, and they allow thieves to quickly turn data into cash. Meanwhile, consumers don’t find out that credit cards have been opened in their names until they are denied credit or bill collectors start calling.

Robert Siciliano personal and home security specialist to Home Security Source discussingcredit and debit card fraud on CNBC.

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