Protect You and Your Branch with Engaging and Interactive Security Awareness Training

The financial industry is now officially “On the Radar” of hackers, thieves and predators. Financial institutions collect and store the precise type of information that translates into cash for criminals. Your moneyed clients are not the most tech-savvy, and your security advice could make them a lifelong loyal customer. More importantly, if their data is stolen under your services, you should not be the one they blame. Reduce risk and become a tougher target by investing in your team’s security posture. The worst thing you can do, is nothing.

Keynote Speaking

Empower and entertain your attendees

Corporate Training

Secure your employees lives and data

Workshops / Seminars

Provide CE credits to your members


Save money and broadcast to thousands

S.A.F.E. Certification

Certify your people and share in revenue

Online video training

Training online cost effectively

Expert Witness

Win your case with a seasoned expert

Media Guest

Dazzle your audience with a cutting edge topic

Media Consultant

Bring attention and revenue to your brand


Invest in your peoples security with qty discounts


Riveting content by an expert guest

Articles / Blogs

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“You are such an incredible speaker and I believe that your presentation was very beneficial to our clients and guests. It was a huge success and thank you again.”
Wealth Advisory Associate