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Everything you need to know about Identity Theft Protection and prevention.

Protecting your identity really isn’t all that difficult. It begins with understanding how criminals utilize our personal identifying information and how we make our own information useless to a thief. Let’s start by discussing Identity Theft Protection and prevention services. One question I’m always asked and a blog you should read is “Do You Really Need Identity Theft Protection or is it a Waste of Money”?

It’s also very important to determine if the service you’re looking at is in fact Identity Theft Protection or is it just some BS service that maybe your bank is offering you that wont protect you, so I compiled a Blog that you should read that clears up any confusion called “The Term Identity Theft Protection is Often a Lie“. Read it.

A lot of people end up on this site as a resource to protect their identity often because they determine their data, especially their Social Security number was stolen in a data breach, so in order to assist those people I’ve compiled a Blog titled “Your Social Security Card Gets Stolen, Now What” is a good read with a ton of hits.

Many of you are the Chief Information Officers in your family and are responsible for protecting both your parents and your children from Identity Theft so I’ve compiled two very comprehensive blogs one titled “Freezing Your Child’s Credit, What You Need to Know” which is a great resource to protect your kids identities and another that is clicked on quite a bit called “Protecting Your Parents From Identity Theft. These are both great checklist I suggest you forward and share them on social with all of your friends and family.

Don’t forget about your parents too. You may have, and still might go to your parents for advice. But, depending on their age, identity theft is one of those issues where you need to advise and even take control.  The post Protecting Your Parents from Identity Theft hits the nail on the head, especially if they are on social media.

Speaking of social, too many of you are making a ton of mistakes on social media and getting yourself, your families, your businesses, and your employer in trouble. If you don’t read this blog chances are you’re going to get yourself or someone else in trouble. I suggest reading “The 14 Social Media Disasters Ready to Strike”and posting that to your timeline.

And finally, this post following is a big deal. In the security industry we discussed “layers of protection”, the more layers you have, the more secure you’re going to be. As far as protecting your identity, identity theft protection services are a must, but in addition to that I strongly suggest enabling a credit freeze for you, your kids, your parents, and anyone else you are responsible for.  The post I recommend you read is titled “Get a Credit Freeze Now Before It’s Too Late”, will tighten your identity up nice,  it’s easy just do it!

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