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It is my firm belief that if you don’t have a home security system then you are basically in denial that these things can’t happen to you. The fact of the matter is at 3 a.m. if somebody breaks into your house, it’s not going to matter if you have a gun or even a dog, because that bad guy has a significant advantage over your sleeping self.

We’ve created a number of blog posts to prepare you and your home from creditors. I would definitely start off with “10 Huge Home Security Mistakes” To get you into the right mindset and so you can see what you might be doing wrong.

Once you recognize what you are doing wrong then you can determine best practices and what you should be doing right. This post “Take the Extra Step: 12 Ways to Protect Your Home from Burglars” also discusses door reinforcement which is one of the most underappreciated aspects of Home Security.

Home security is more than just keeping the bad guys out, it’s also making sure that your family is safe in and around the house from household hazards. This post “15 Tips to Ensure the Safety and Security of Your Home” accomplishes that.

Heck, while we are at it lets just add up another 40 home security tips including tips on “door reinforcement” technology with the post 40 Practical Tips to Keep Your Home Safe and Secure.

And it seems every year around the holidays we hear about homes being burglarized, Christmas presents being stolen, and packages swiped by criminals. “15 Tips to Keep Your Home Safe During the Holidays” will help you protect your family and your home from criminals.

And finally, probably the most comprehensive post on this site in regards to home security is “45 Home Security Tips That Help to Keep Burglars Away”. I’ll be you didn’t even know there were 45 anything you could do in regards to Home Security so make sure you have all of these systems in place.

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