Cyber Wellness: Complete Edition

$997 enrollment fee and $29 per month

The ultimate course collection to Protect Your Money, Your Family, Your Business and Your Life from the dark web, identity theft, cyber scams, physical threats, and data theft to create a “Safr” tomorrow.

Information Security: Every few seconds, someone has his or her identity stolen. Computers are hacked, wallets are stolen, credit cards are compromised, credit is ruined…and the instigators make more in a day than most of us make in a year.

Identity Theft Protection: The fact is, the system we function under is set up to fail—and unless consumers know their options, it’s just a matter of time before they are victimized themselves.

Evil Cyber Scams: Training to teach you how to beat scammers and social engineering works when you know what to look for and what the red flags are. In fact, you are only as strong against fraud as your weakest employee or family member, and that is a scary thought.

Social Media Security:  The risks we face from sharing too much information are substantial—from personal security to damaged reputations to significant business liabilities that put all operations in jeopardy.

Personal Security: 

Your family, ordinary men, women and children face risk every day. Consider real estate agents, auto-sales presenters, nurses, and many other professionals who interact with strangers—and are often unprepared for an attack by known and unknown assailants.

And More…