New iPhone App Helps Vet a Potential Mate

Robert Siciliano Personal Security Expert

So you’re about to go on a date with a person you met briefly in the frozen food section of the supermarket who says to you “You better get out of this aisle because you’re so hot, you’re gonna melt all this stuff”. Flattered and hungry for companionship you immediately agree to go out on a date with Mr Cheeseball.

Well maybe this wouldn’t be you, but someone you know.  Anyway, consider “Heavy Vetting B4 Heavy Petting”. The best way to find out about Gorgonzola is to do a quick search on him OR her. Coming soon to the iPhone, Android and Blackberry will be a mobile application  from called Date Check.

Intelius launched Date Check at the DEMOfall09 conference and demonstrates how easy it is to “Look Up Before You Hookup”. Sound crazy? Not as crazy as some of the people I’m sure you’ve met on the scene. It’s easy enough to enter a person’s name, phone number or e-mail address, and the application does a basic background check. Saving you lots of possible wasted time or possibly compromising your personal security.

The application has a few handy features to help you narrow down what may be potential issues about your potential Prince Alarming.

“Sleaze Detector” gets records of sex offenses and criminal convictions. This is a handy tool to determine if your potential mate is a bad seed. Good information to know and help you make an informed decision. There are a half million registered sex offenders out there. That’s no joke.

“Net Worth” checks property and tax records. This is general information that helps you to determine if they are truthful or lying about assets.

“Living Situation” finds other people living at the same address. So if he’s one of the majority of married men subscribed to online dating services and he tells you he is single, you can call his bluff.

“Interests” scans social networks and other references. It’s always a good idea to check the social media sites a person is connected to. If you discover that the person is affiliated with a supremacy organization that likes to sacrifice the occasional chicken, it’s probably a good idea to run. Fast.

Date Check is a tool to help you make a better decision.

1. Read books on self defense and personal security. Watch instructional videos on self defense techniques. Take a self defense course. The single most effective self defense offering on the planet is a program called “Impact Model Mugging”. Search it online and find one near you. Drive 500 miles if you have to, but take this course and bring your sons and daughters with you. In this case knowledge certainly is power.

2. You’ve heard this before and it requires revisiting: meet your date in a populated place and drive yourself. And do it at least the first 5 times. The goal here is you want to get to know the energy of this person and what makes them tick. If simple stuff irritates them or they make racist or offensive jokes or exhibit behaviors not conducive to “healthy”, move on.

3. Do not consume alcohol when meeting, even with food. Alcohol lowers our inhibitions and makes us accept behaviors that aren’t appropriate. Don’t accept drinks from anyone under any condition unless you see the drink being poured and it goes straight to your hands. Slipping drugs in drinks happens every day.

4. Be direct about going ‘dutch’ in regards to paying for dinner. While this may seem extreme to some, studies show an large percentage of males still believe that when they buy a woman dinner that she “owes” him sex.

5. Get information about them. You ask all the questions. Get their name, address, previous address, home phone, cell phone, place of birth, birthdate, where they work, license plate and if you can squeeze it out of them, and I kid you not, get their Social Security number.

Robert Siciliano Personal Security Expert discusses dating security on E! True Hollywood Stories Investigates

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