Once a Predator Always a Predator

Robert Siciliano Personal Security Expert

A necessary diversion from my daily IT security/Identity theft rants.

So what happens when a convicted rapist lures a 21-year-old woman to his bedroom in 1989, then spends 15 years in jail and then gets a free pass in 2005? He does it again. Why? Because that’s normal. It’s not OK, but it’s normal. Its his nature. A psychologist said to me years ago, “You would be amazed at how many levels of normal there are”.

Officers went to this 50 year old guys home to arrest him for assault and rape and emanating from his home was a bad smell. The smell turned out to be 6 dead women.  The decomposed bodies were discovered buried in the basement all the way up to the 3rd floor. The coroner estimates some could be 3-4 years old, which would coincide with his release from prison.

A 43 year old female neighbor has been missing for 6 months. Neighbors are concerned she is one of the 6.

As a convicted sex offender, he was required to report regularly to the sheriff’s office, which said he had complied. This is an obvious false sense of security that all municipalities employ. The system certainly has its flaws. People lose faith in the system and don’t trust their officials to effectively do their jobs.

Law enforcement officers sometimes bear the brunt of the blame, but often undeservingly. They are on the front lines and have the miserable task of dealing with the absolute lowest life forms on the planet.  The cop catches the bad guy then he gets off because of some technicality. Judges often make errors but ultimately have a responsibility to work within the law.  While common sense would say the guy should be castrated, we can’t do that in a civilized society.

This predator did his time. 15 years is no small stint. But his first victim is still and will always be a victim. She got life. Hopefully she healed to a degree that she could live a balanced life. The rest of his victims got a death sentence.

The question always arises as to whether or not a sex offender can be rehabilitated. I’m sure there is a handful of level ones and level 2s that can be. But once a predator always a predator. It’s their nature. It’s their normal.

With 500,000 registered sex offenders in the US and thousands more unaccounted for and even more who’ve never been caught, know that this can happen to you or your daughter. Know how to fight. Know how to defend yourself from a predator. Understand all the vulnerable points of the human body and what parts of your body can be used as weapons.  Go for the eyes, nose, throat, groin, instep of foot. Know how to fight from the ground, if attacked from behind, or when a distraction is used in front.

Determine if you want to carry a weapon, but know your brain is your best defense weapon. Carry a weapon if you are properly trained and not a day before. Years ago my childhood hero was this Chicago cop named JJ Bittenbinder. He would say “If all else fails, let them kiss you, then bite down on their lips until your teeth meet.


There are a bunch of free sites you can go to that will let you know the current living situations and general whereabouts for registered sex offenders in your town. Take advantage of every opportunity you can to learn where the bad guy is. Intelius offers “Neighborhood Check” which is a service that keeps you alert to new sex offenders moving in and their addresses. Complacency can result is bad things happening. Be vigilant, alert, and aware and know your options.

Robert Siciliano “Disclosures” Personal Security Expert discussing how to survive and attack on Fox Boston

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  1. Susan Fitzell
    Susan Fitzell says:

    Robert, Thank you for continuing to get this message out.

    I have been teaching martial arts to children for years. At one time, I felt compelled to write an article titled, “Girls do Ballet and Boys do Karate” because of my frustration with the stereotype pervading children’s activities. Both girls and boys need self-defense skills. The reality is, however, that martial arts and self-defense are still not given enough credence by the general population. Martial arts schools continually lose students to other sports (or video games).

    Then there are those that believe you can take a one night workshop and learn to defend yourself. All those quickie courses do is give people a false sense of security. It takes practice and repetition to learn self-defense well enough to use it in an attack.

    Both my children took martial arts from Kindergarten through High School. They weren’t given another option. I realize that they could still get attacked, but I know that as their mother, I did the best that I could to make sure they had self-defense skills, understood what message body language sends to others and know all that you say in the video above. I pray they never need to use those skills, but I know they have them just in case.

    Thank you for delivering a needed message. For every person that takes your message seriously, you are making a positive difference.

    Susan Fitzell


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