Burglars Prey On Churches

Robert Siciliano Identity Theft Expert

It doesn’t matter where, when or who, a burglar will go where there is easy access and easy money, or goods to be resold. The Miami Herald reports a burglar has holy targets for his unholy acts.

Targeting synagogues, churches and a Jehovah’s Witnesses hall in Miami Beach, the man steals expensive audio equipment and cash from collection boxes, police say.

Apparently it’s a male who “looks like everyone else” which is what they all say. Opposed to he looks like one of those aliens with the big eyes and big heads with little hands and a skinny neck and he is green. Burglars generally look like people because they are. The only thing that would make them stand out is if they are disheveled. Which may mean they are homeless or on a heavy drinking or drug binge.

Otherwise expect burglars to be normal. Someone you may even know. Often it’s those on the inside that have knowledge of how things work and where they are. So it’s important to beef up security to protect from the inside out and from the outside in.

In some cases, he has entered through unlocked doors; in others, he has broken windows and busted doors off of their frames. Outdoor surveillance video caught him getting picked up by a cab following one burglary.

“He had a good line. He claimed to be having an appointment with me and was let in,” Geller said. The rabbi, who was out of town, returned to find speakers, amplifiers and a guitar missing from the synagogue.

A security camera at the synagogue caught footage of the thief, from which police have pulled a grainy photo.

The man stole electronics, TV speakers, cash, credit cards and more.

Theft happens. Protect against it.

  1. Lock up. Even if it’s an “open access” environment.
  2. Have someone always watching the door.
  3. Install visible motion sensitive security cameras everywhere recorded by a DVR.
  4. Install hidden motion sensitive security cameras everywhere recorded by a DVR.
  5. Install “Monitored by Video Surveillance” signs everywhere.
  6. Lock doors and windows always.
  7. Install glass break prevention film.

Robert Siciliano is a personal security and identity theft expert for HomeSecuritySource.com See him in action discussing holiday scams on Fox’s Mike and Juliet show. (Disclosures)

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