Pope Attack Brings Security Home

Robert Siciliano Identity Theft Expert

It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, holidays or not, security needs to be top of mind. On Christmas Eve the Pope was knocked to the ground in a terrifying security scare just hours before his traditional Christmas Day message. The perpetrator jumped over security barriers and dived on top of 82-year-old Benedict XVI, dragging him to the floor.

The woman, who is said to have a history of mental problems, was involved in a similar incident last Christmas Eve. Both incidents were captured on video surveillance highlighting the importance or recorded video. Each time the Pope’s security guards apprehended the offender, but this time a few seconds too late.

Some may remember back in 1981, Pope John Paul II was shot. Shortly after, the “Pope Mobile” became a required form of transportation for him that allowed the Pope to be viewed publicly.

Generally, when a security incident occurs the video footage is viewed and officials determine what should be done in the future to prevent such acts.

In my own view, it seems not much was done since last year to prevent this year’s assault on the Pope. It’s obvious to me that the limited 4 foot high fence/barrier between the Pope and his congregation isn’t sufficient to prevent another attack. I would bet you will see a 6-8 foot barrier next year, possibly made of a bullet proof plastic preventing a tragedy.

For your own safety, develop a personal security mindset. This means thinking proactively by asking “what if” questions and visualizing possibilities. By predicting and then preventing bad things from happening, you are actively involved in your personal security and that of your families.

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