11 Robbed of Pants in Home Invasion, Drug Related

Robert Siciliano Identity Theft Expert

At least three masked men broke into a home, made 11 people inside remove their pants, shot one man and fled with the pants, their contents and televisions.

You’re probably wondering why they would steal someone’s pants? Police said the robbers apparently made the victims remove their pants so they could steal their wallets and other belongings as well as to prevent them from pursuing the robbers when they fled.

The reports states that the crime might have been a drug related one. Criminals often target criminals. “There is no honor among thieves” as they say. It’s very common for one bad guy to break into another bad guy’s house if he has drugs or stolen items because the bad guy isn’t about to report his contraband to the police.

The problem here that I’ve seen too many times is the home broken into and burglarized (no gun nobody home) or robbed (weapon involved, often a home invasion) is often one that is owned by a legitimate law abiding citizen, but their teenage or adult child living at home is mixed up in stuff they shouldn’t be.

This is a real problem that many families face. You may be blissfully unaware of your child’s involvement with crime or you conveniently turn a blind eye.

If something seems wrong, something is wrong and don’t for a second think it’s a “phase”. These things can get very ugly, very fast. Signs often include your child being secretive (they all are) or your kids ducking in and out of the house with bags or boxes. They may begin to enter in the house via the basement or garage where they didn’t use too. If they are associating with shady people that’s a red flag. If their behavior seems suspicious in any way pay closer attention than you ever have.

One way to protect yourself and your family is to have a constant monitoring or your home with video surveillance. This way everything going on is recorded and this may reduce the chances of a child gone astray using your house as a safe house.

Always have your home alarm on and make sure it’s monitored by the local police.

The idea is to make your home a tougher target from outside forces or inside jobs.  The worst thing you can do is nothing.

See Robert discussing home invasions on the Gordon Elliot Show

Robert Siciliano is a personal security and identity theft expert for Home Security Source. (Disclosures)

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