Reality Show Actor Robs Banks

Robert Siciliano Identity Theft Expert

Here we have a series of bank robberies, an appearance on a nationally televised reality show and the arrest of a man who was running from the law. Apparently, he robbed a bank, then went on the show, then robbed two more banks after the show.

“What an incredibly stupid thing to do, to commit a bank robbery, then go on a national TV show and make a spectacle of yourself and then come home and commit two more bank robberies,” the detective said. “He should be on the ‘Dumbest Criminal’ show.”

Investigators watched the show on their own time and eventually recognized the reality show actor also on surveillance footage from the bank robberies.

The detective linked two robberies thanks to the surveillance video showing what looked like the same young man wearing a baseball cap. He stated “I didn’t recognize him at the time; that’s the last place where you’d expect to find a suspect in your cases.”

The robber/actor told somebody, “Now that I’ve been on national TV, something from my past may come back to get me.” Ya think?

If there is one single technology that I would have to pick from over the past 50 years as the absolute best of the best it is definitely video. In three words “video captures life”. And in this case, it captured a criminal. A dumb one at that.

Install video surveillance around your home. Have cameras at the entrance way, on each corner of the house surveying the entire perimeter, all entrances and exits and whatever “blind spots” where someone may hide.  Even put a few cameras inside your home that monitor your family and the entrances. Video ROCKS!

See Robert discussing bank robberies on CBS Boston

Robert Siciliano is a personal security and identity theft expert for Home Security Source. (Disclosures)

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