Don’t Let Strangers Enter Your Home

Robert Siciliano Identity Theft Expert

Sounds simple enough right? But when a decent looking affluent couple can breach the Whitehouse and gain entry to a formal party, protected by the Secret Service, then almost anything is possible.

Posing as a health inspector, police officer or even a secret service agent is probably done every single day with success. I once posed as a “water inspector” and gained access to people’s homes by saying I needed to “check the colorization of their water”, as I demonstrated on The Montel Williams Show here. A fake badge and a uniform of any kind can do wonders.

The AP reports a man accused of posing as a U.S. Secret Service agent and entering the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, passed himself off as a Massachusetts police officer to enter a U2 concert last year.

People can easily pose as city officials, delivery or service people, or as someone whose car broke down and needs assistance. The moment you open that door you are risking your family’s safety.

My family’s number one rule is we do not open doors to strangers. That’s it, end of story. My younger ones want to show how big they are by getting the door, but they now know better that they aren’t at all allowed to open it without their parent’s permission.

  1. Always have your screen door and your entry door locked at all times.
  2. Install a surveillance system at each entrance that gives you a facial and full body view of visitors.
  3. If you order products to be delivered to your home specify “no signature required.” This way you can set up a place for the deliveries that allows them to drop the package off.
  4. Anytime a city worker knocks on your door call city hall to verify that they should be there.
  5. It’s not enough to check a badge, license or credentials. IDs can easily be faked.
  6. Have your home alarm system on all day even while you are home.

Robert Siciliano personal security expert discussing being an imposter and home invasions on the Montel Williams Show

Robert Siciliano is a personal security and identity theft expert for Home Security Source. (Disclosures)

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