Neighbors Tip Leads to Arrest of Burglary Suspect

Robert Siciliano Identity Theft Expert

Where I live there isn’t much that goes on outside of my home that I don’t know about. I live on a dead end, so I have less traffic both on foot and by car than most. It’s still a well traveled area and I pretty much see every car that drives by, every person that walks down the street and most of the activity that goes on at the neighbor’s house too. Now I’m no nosy neighbor, I could care less what the neighbors do, as long as what they do doesn’t negatively impact me.

But I’m certainly very interested in what a stranger may be doing in the area. Most of us have a routine. We do many of the same things every day and see the same people too, and those people see us. And when someone “outside of the trusted circle” comes around, I want to know why, and what their business is. So like any barking dog, I let them know my presence. I may ask them directly what their business is or strike up a conversation about the weather. While many may not want to be bothered with this effort, I find that this is a very effective way to secure your home.

Two things happen when you engage in this way. First, anyone you address in any manner now knows from that point on for the rest of their lives that “the guy in that house is watching me.” Or is at least aware of his property and who is near or on it. Second, people who you engage this way now become a second set of eyes to watch out for anything suspicious on your home. If they know that you live there, opposed to 6 guys in ski masks, then they may call the police if they see something suspicious.

This is why I love this story:

“Officers had responded to a burglar home alarm and found a broken window in the rear of a residence. A search of the area at the time turned up no suspects. Several neighbors, however, had notified police of a suspicious vehicle that had been seen in the area and were able to provide a good description and license plate number. Police were able to use the information to locate the thief in a nearby town. Police added that it appeared the home alarm had scared the burglar.”

This is a perfect example of layers of protection. The burglar home alarm scared the guy away and the neighbors helped get him arrested. Definitely, install a burglar alarm and make an effort to let people you come in contact with know that your home is one that is security conscious.

Robert Siciliano personal security expert to Home Security Source discussing home security on NBC Boston. Disclaimer

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