Convicted Burglar; Police Offer Tips for Keeping Home Secure

Robert Siciliano Identity Theft Expert

When it comes to breaking into homes, the best experts are the ones who know everything about the process, the burglars themselves.

The burglar in this story, is on probation for a September 2008 burglary conviction, but admits he burglarized 30 or 40 homes to feed a drug addiction.” When I was breaking into houses, the feeling was like you get when you open your presents on Christmas morning and see what you got.”

Imagine if that was your outlook? Think for a moment how warped and anti-social a person must be to process the world in that order.

This burglar prided himself in getting intelligence as to whether or not the homeowner was going to be there or not. He specifically made an effort to seek information prior to determine when they would be gone and when they would come back. Often that type of information is known amongst people close to the thief, often in a trusted position. He says that if you have someone in your life who is an active addict, then they should not be trusted with this type of information.  This is sage advice that should be heeded.

He also suggested stopping mail and newspaper deliveries when you travel, as these are signals to a thief that the house is temporarily vacant. I’ve never been a fan of this tactic due to the fact that your name and address are now on a “stop delivery” list signaling to anyone on the inside of the post office or newspaper delivery service that your house is vacant. I think it’s better to have a trusted friend remove the mail and newspapers daily.

This home burglar also stated he would mostly break into houses where the doors were left unlocked. This is an obvious issue that many people don’t consider due to the fact they are either lazy about their security or they say “I don’t want to live like that.” And I say, “live like what, secure?” It’s always bothered me that some people associated effective home security behavior with “paranoia” which is actually a mental illness and the complete opposite of secure.

Effective home security includes:

  • Timed and/or motion activated lights, inside and out. This burglar stated lights turned on made him nervous and he would go to a home that didn’t pose a threat of getting caught.
  • Trim bushes and shrubs. Anything covering doors and windows that give a burglar cover is an invitation to a thief. I also recommend defensive shrubbery with lots of thorns.
  • Encourage your neighbors to report any suspicious activity around your home while you are gone or even while you are home.
  • Install a home security system. It’s not enough to just lock your doors. A home alarm is an effective deterrent while you are away and while you are home. Even home alarm decals and signage is a layer of protection.
  • Dogs big and small. A dog need not be an attack dog to be an effective deterrent. Barking dogs bring attention to the home they are protecting.

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