Deputy Reports Finding Peek-a-boo Home Burglar in Closet

Turn up your Creep-o-meter for this one. In Florida, law enforcement arrested a man on a home burglary charge after a deputy spotted him sitting in a closet with a sheet over his upper body while his blue jeans and brown boots remained visible.

A relative of the homeowner notified local law enforcement when they received a call that a home security alarm was tripped. The deputy went to the home and noticed a window air-conditioned had been removed from a window and was an obvious point of entry.

The creep had a knife when they arrested him.

In the UK a couple was sleeping when a man broke into their home and went into their bedroom to steal the woman’s underwear. The intruder went into the kitchen and grabbed an 8 inch steak knife. The victims woke up to find the intruder with a knife inches from their faces. The boyfriend quickly responded and subdued the man until police arrived.

Down under in Australia a father-of-two feared for his family’s safety when a burglar broke into their home, wandering through the family’s bedrooms in search for “something to make quick money” with. While the home burglar was in the parents’ bedroom he unplugged the father’s mobile phone to steal it. When he did the phones light turned on and woke up the dad. Instantly the father sprung up and chased the burglar out of the house and through an open window. The father was quoted saying “I am really annoyed – it doesn’t worry me that he broke in …, but what’s a real worry is that this person was only two inches away from my head, from my wife, from my girls.”

His 9 year old daughter said “It’s creepy to know someone walked into your room and looked at you while you were asleep.”

People, PLEASE! Lock your doors and windows! In two of these examples the homeowners were sleeping with no home alarms and the intruder walked right in! With kids in the house! Install a home security system with motion detectors. PLEASE!

Robert Siciliano personal security expert to Home Security Source discussing personal and home security on Fox Boston.

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