Awareness Based Security Initiatives

When something bad happens in a neighborhood, like burglaries, car theft or violence, the residents will often “react.” First thing they do is call the local home security alarm dealer, then a locksmith and maybe the local police to give a speech. For some, this may be the first time they lock their doors.

Reacting to a bad situation is often the catalyst that gets people motivated to take control of their personal security. People develop a sense of fear and make these security decisions not because they are security conscious, but because they are scared. While fear is certainly a motivator, it doesn’t always teach us a needed lesson.

The main problem with fear based motivation is eventually that person will no longer have the imminent fear and they stop locking their doors or setting their alarms. They may even start leaving their keys in the cars ignition again. Now they are as vulnerable as they were before.

Benjamin Franklin once said “To be safe, means never to be secure.” What Benny meant was that the moment that you believe you are fully “secure”, when you have the belief that you no longer need to be vigilant, when the awareness wears off and you think “its not going to happen to me.” Now your guard is down and you are a better target for the bad guy.

Always keep your head up, lock your doors, install a home security system and leave it on. If you think you live in a neighborhood where “you don’t need to lock your doors” then you are delusional.

Robert Siciliano personal security expert to Home Security Source discussing Home Invasions on Montel Williams.

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