9 Year Old Kid Hacks Schools Computers

Hacking has gone from “phreaking”- hacking phone systems to “cracking”-breaking into networks for fun and fame and over the past 5 years criminal hackers from all over the world are targeting huge databases full of credit card numbers. But hacking is also becoming part of popular culture. The “scriptkiddie” from back in the day is the 9 year old today who is just very intelligent, anxious and doesn’t k now anything other than technology.

Police say a nine year old boy hacked the county school system to change teachers’ and staff members’ passwords, change or delete course content, and change course enrollment. “The boy did not intend to do any serious damage, and didn’t, so the police withdrew and are allowing the school district to handle the half-grown hacker.”

“He’s a very intelligent 9-year-old,” said the police, “with no criminal intent.” Someone give that boy a lollipop.

Meanwhile a study in New York City points to one out of 6 city teens have tried hacking. Roughly 39 percent of the New York City teens said they think hacking is “cool,” and about 16 percent admitted to trying it. Seven percent reported they hacked for money, and 6 percent said they viewed it as a viable career.

I know some are going to look at this study and slam me for even acknowledging it. However in my own informal pole I’m seeing the same thing. Heck I have a 4 year old that’s in the process of hacking my network.  “Da-da, did you install spyware on my laptop?“Yes, but that’s beside the point!

Most kids know more about technology than their parents which makes a ripe situation for the kid heading down a rabbit hole and the parents unable to pull him out. How can mom or dad prevent the kid from doing something bad if they don’t understand it themselves? The solution? Up your technology and security vocabulary.  And install spyware on your kids PC, you might learn something.

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Robert Siciliano Identity Theft Speaker discussing criminal hackers on Fox News.

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