Unknown Knocker Annoys N.C. Neighbors

In North Carolina some whack job is knocking on doors of women and running. Oddly, all have one thing in common, they are widows. The knocker hasn’t hurt anyone but he is certainly harassing them.

As kids we did similar things to annoy. Kids will be kids, but today is much different. Behavior such as this could have serious repercussions if somebody catches whoever is doing it in the act and then “teaches them a lesson.”

Police in Rutherford County, North Carolina reported five women were being harassed by an unknown prowler called “The Knocker. The five women, all widows living in Rutherford County, said the knocks are sporadic and come at any given time of day or night, according to reports. They hear the knocks on their doors, walls, windows, sometimes for weeks at a time. No one has been arrested and local authorities are hesitant about the claims. A son of one of the women defended their claims, saying five women do not just make up stories together, reports stated. Police continue investigating the mysterious knocker.”

Whether knocks occur or not, there is enough technology available to determine and prevent it from continuing to happen. Further, a neighborhood watch program would help thwart any mischief.  If it’s true, what is concerning is the “knocks” have been going on for weeks and nobody has caught the guy.

Home security tip number one, don’t provide an opportunity for a prankster or a bad guy to do this to you or someone you love. Install home security cameras to monitor the perimeter and deter the stupid knocker. If this was my mom being harassed knock-boy would already have been caught.

Now if this is more than just kids playing games, and is an adult who is obviously a bit screwy, he could also be peeping in windows, jiggling door knobs and thinking about his next move. A home security alarm is essential to alert the homeowner, neighbors, and law enforcement to a potential intruder.

Robert Siciliano personal security expert to Home Security Source discussing Home Security on Fox Boston. Disclosures.

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