Home Security Source: Knowledge Is Definitely Power

Crime and violence are generally not fun topics to write about or read about. Discussing a bloody home invasion isn’t exactly inspiring, nor does it make good dinner time chat.

Events like these are only “entertaining” when fictionalized in TV and movies and make for a gripping arms length “who dunnit”.

However the fact is these things do happen and sweeping these issues under the rug is no longer an option. For as long as I can remember “personal security” was always one of those misunderstood issues that our parents didn’t have any answers for.

The extent of our safety and security training revolved around “look both ways when you cross the street” and “don’t talk to strangers”. And it pretty much stopped there. For years and years I sought out a comprehensive resource to keep me updated on all issues personal security, however there was none.

And then there was HomeSecuritySource.com. Home Security Source is one of the few online resources with solid information on home and personal safety with new content every day. It’s a community website with the goal to offer the latest information to help homeowners to keep their homes, valuables, and family safe.

Home Security Source is your one stop to learn all about home security.  It’s where you can find information about the latest news, security products, and any information that relates to your safety.  On top of our large (and growing!) information, we also provide local crime maps for your area.

And to top it off I’m contributing all my research from over 20 years alongside stellar industry professionals dedicated to their craft.

It’s important to understand our culture has always been one to trust others and see the good in people.

While this civility has prompted us to get along and live in relative harmony, it also created a negative side effect of people putting the proverbial bedtime “sheet over their heads” so the monsters wouldn’t get them. This head in the sand, “it can’t happen to me” mentality has allowed the bad guy an upper hand for decades.

A change in attitudes is reflected by the success of Home Security Source. People want to know the truth. They feel they need to know their options and how to protect themselves and their families.

Here is an idea on how HomeSecuritySource.com has grown:

When comparing September 2010 data to an average based in the first three months, it’s possible to see:

  • Visits increase of over  400%
  • Page Views increase of over  580%
  • Unique monthly visitors increase of over 480%
  • Over 800 sites have sent traffic to the site.  Thanks to our awesome team of writers, HomeSecuritySource.com is mentioned in popular news and informational  sites

Today more than ever the bad guy knows that you are watching him. His job isn’t as easy as it used to be. Citizens are empowered like never before with the knowledge and tools to take control of their lives and protect themselves and their families. Armed with the Home Security Source, knowledge is definitely power.

Robert Siciliano personal security expert to Home Security Source discussing home security and identity theft on TBS Movie and a Makeover. Disclosures

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  1. Kimberly Guest
    Kimberly Guest says:


    Robert, being more are indeed gaining the knowledge needed to protect their families..do you think victims are becoming more aware as the changes of actually knowing the bad guy are so high – think that empowerment of “wanting to know the truth” also drives one to educate themselves more say than..if they didn’t know the bad guy? OR is society actually just starting to bend so to speak?

    This issue in my opinion just seems to be so taboo; and from what I’ve learned even friends/family of the victim basically care less of discussing the issue much less get involved.

    How would you suggest a person get more information out to commmunities with ‘that mentality’ you speak of….what’s the best way to participate in pushing such a needed awareness to others?

    I have to totally agree with your post – one should EVER say NEVER; they better step into the light…

    Thanks for sharing all your tips and your knowledge. 🙂

    New World Enterprises, LLC
    Houston, Texas


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