The Decades Top 6 Stupid Criminals

The decade was filled with stupid criminals.  Here is a list of the top six stupid criminals.

Lawn Mower Getaway: AOL reports Sheriff’s deputies in Florida were searching a house for stolen property when they got a tip that one of the suspects was trying to make his escape nearby, according to Officers reportedly found him not far from his home attempting to flee on a ride-on mower.

Black Marker Burglars: The key to a successful robbery is not getting caught. These two clowns decided to use permanent marker as makeup.

I’ve Been Looking For That! Guy gets pulled over for a minor traffic violation and cops find pot in the car. Also in the trunk, cops discovered a bong inside a plastic shopping bag. Excited, the criminal thanked law enforcement officials for finding the water pipe, which he purchased for $150 and assumed a roommate, had stolen when he couldn’t find it.

MySpace Burglar: Kid breaks into a home and logs into the family’s home PC to his MySpace page. When he realized he was seen in the home he fled, forgetting to LOG OUT!!!!!!!!!

Stupid Facebook Status: Thief siphons $200,000 from a bank. Lives it up in Mexico, brags all day on Facebook, friends a Department of Justice Official, now he is rotting in a Mexican jail That’s dumb.

Robert Siciliano personal and home security specialist to Home Security Source discussing burglar proofing your home on Fox Boston.

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