Home Security Isn’t Conformity

In a recent post I discussed an opportunity I had working with a TV journalist on home security. When we discussed “signage” as a layer of protection I recommended he install some in addition to the existing home alarm that he has. A “Beware of Dog” sign is a favorite of mine.

He responded by saying he lived on a cul-de-sac and it’s really nice and there isn’t a lot of traffic or crime there. He further said he’d be the only one in the neighborhood with the sign and it wouldn’t look right.

I responded by saying “That’s the point. You don’t want to conform. You want to stick out like a sore thumb and say “YOU DON’T WANT TO ROB ME BECAUSE IT WILL BE VERY DIFFICULT AND YOU WILL GET CAUGHT OR POSSIBLY HURT!”

A home alarm, signage, security cameras, a dog, spiky fencing, etc, are all deterrents. And, when the bad guys come down your cul-de-sac, and they will, and they see 10 houses that are all nice and manicured and one of them sticks out like that sore thumb and says “FORGET THE DOG, BEWARE OF OWNER”, then they choose your neighbor instead of you.

Unfortunately, there always has been, there is, and there always will be bad guys looking for another target. You don’t need to be that target if you put systems in place to deter the bad guy.

Robert Siciliano personal and home security specialist to Home Security Source discussing Home Security on NBC Boston.

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  1. Anti-Theft Guy
    Anti-Theft Guy says:

    I totally agree with your post! For me, I think the most effective deterrent to fashion my home into a wreak of a house. Well, not really. I mean, I’ll make it look like there are no valuables inside that would make my home a target for burglars. Of course, who wouldn’t want to beautify the outside appearance of a house with the manicured lawns but I think it would be more effective to drive the burglars away if you make your house less attractive.


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