Fake Cops Home Invasion — Respecting Vs. Trusting

We live in a society that has many rules. We need rules because without rule, we’d devolve into chaos. Those rules are often broken by those who believe they are above them or are simply so desperate that they need to break them to get their next fix.

Some of these rules are more “guidelines” than they are law. One rule that makes it difficult for us to see the truth sometimes is “respect authority”. Authority is generally granted to those in a trusted position and comes in many forms such as a teacher, coach, politician, priest and law enforcement.

Unfortunately, those given the responsibility of authority are human, and humans are flawed, and too often when put in a position of power and authority they abuse it or simply can’t’ handle it.

In the past 24 hours in the news, I’ve seen a teacher who fought a kid, a cop who lost his badge, a politician so full of himself he sent semi-clad pictures of himself to a woman not his wife, and a confession by clergy to stop abuse.

This brings me to my point:

Home invasion by three men dressed as cops: “The trio turned up at a house dressed as police officers and claiming to have a search warrant, all black clothing with bullet-proof vests, even pulled up to the home in a vehicle that had a red flashing light and a siren, police said. Once inside, they used plastic ties to handcuff the six occupants and locked them in a room in the basement, police said. The fake cops then ransacked the home in search of cash. Several hours later, when the bandits had fled, the victims managed to free themselves and set of a house alarm.”

It is important to respect the position of the title. Everyone deserves some respect until they don’t. But, to blindly trust the person behind the title/uniform/badge etc, can get you hurt.

To question authority is not to revolt, but to decide for yourself if they should be trusted. And if your home alarm is on all day while you are home as it should be, and someone knocks on the door for any reason, contact a supervisor to confirm the legitimacy of the visit.

Don’t just trust. Trust needs to be earned.

Robert Siciliano personal and home security specialist to Home Security Source discussing home invasions on the Gordon Elliot Show.

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