What It’s Like To Have Your Home Robbed

Recently, I worked with a Fox News reporter in Boston on a story about home burglaries and home security systems. The victim in our story states “I see the big smashed in window, glass everywhere,” says David Barstow of Methuen.

While his family was gone for only a couple of hours, a group of teens ransacked and burglarized his home. “It’s that sick feeling in your stomach,” he said. “What if my wife and daughter ever walked in here and they were still here?”

There is a feeling of overwhelm and “what if” that comes from any intrusion such as this. Unfortunately, these feelings sometimes never go away.

David went onto say “Instead of closing your blinds and saying thank God it wasn’t me, it’s going to be you next,” says David “who managed to catch the guys who broke into his house when the crooks returned to his neighborhood to grab some of the loot they left behind. Home security at this house has become a top priority.”

Home security should be a top priority in your home too. I know David’s home security system was installed after his family’s home was burgled. Studies show many people install a system after something bad happens.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Security is about being proactive. Not reactive. Be proactive.

Robert Siciliano personal and home security specialist to Home Security Source discussing ADT Pulse™   on Fox News.

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