Home Invader Claims Insanity Defense

Certainly when someone hacks another person to death it is safe to say something is very wrong with them.

In criminal trials, Wikipedia defines “the insanity defenses are possible defenses by excuse, an affirmative defense by which defendants argue that they should not be held criminally liable for breaking the law because they were legally insane at the time of the commission of alleged crimes. A defendant attempting such a defense will often be required to undergo a mental examination beforehand. The legal definition of “insane” is, in this context, quite different from psychiatric definitions of “mentally ill”. When the insanity defense is successful, the defendant is usually committed to a psychiatric hospital.”

His defense was that he was insane at the time because of a rough childhood at the hands of an abusive mother. “We taught him the difference between right and wrong,” said Christopher Gribble’s mother. “I believe he knew it was wrong to kill.”

The home invasion goes back to 2009 where a gang of late teens and 20 something’s broke into a home while the mom and daughter were sleeping. The dad was away on business. In the course of events the mom died of a machete wound and the daughter was severely injured.

New Hampshire law makers are reexamining their death penalty law. The House is voting whether to make home invasions like this murder, a capital crime.

I say go for it. However it won’t be a deterrent. Criminals are criminals because the law has no consequence to them. Therefore you must protect yourself. At least lock your doors and invest in a home security system.

Robert Siciliano personal and home security specialist to Home Security Source discussing ADTPulse™ on Fox News.

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