Home Invader Gets Life

The trial and sentencing of a New Hampshire home invasion that goes back to 2009 where a gang of late teens and 20 somethings broke into a home while the mom and daughter were sleeping is over. The dad was away on business. In the course of events, the mom died of a machete wound and the daughter was severely injured.

CBS News reports “Judge Gillian Abramson imposed the mandatory sentence of life without parole, telling Gribble (the lead home invader/murderer), “infinity is not enough jail time.”

Gribble claimed the insanity defense and admitted he did it along with a guy named Spader and that they intended to kill anyone they found in the house.

“Most of Gribble’s knife blows targeted the girl. A lead investigator said that even as she lay on the bedroom floor bloodied and feigning death, she opened one eye and watched as Gribble plunged a knife into the throat of her mother, Kimberly Cates.”

The father said in a victim impact statement:  “I’ve lived the accounts of Kim’s murder one excruciating blow after another. Through these accounts I have heard my wife’s last breath, heard my daughter’s screams, seen my daughter’s perfect body mutilated. I don’t have any illusions this invasion of the sanctity of our home will ever be behind us. Jaime and I won’t live a day without thinking of the horrific things that happened in our home and that Kim will never again be with us.”

Here are 5 tips to help keep you safe and prevent a home invasion:

1. Never talk to strangers via an open or screen door. Always talk to them through a locked door.

2. NEVER let children open the door. Always require and adult to do it.

3. Install a home burglar alarm and keep it on 24/7/365. With a home alarm system on, when someone knocks on the door, a conscious decision has to be made to turn off the alarm. Most people will keep it on.

4. Not all home invaders knock, some break in without warning.  Just another reason to have that alarm on.

5. Install a 24-hour camera surveillance system. Cameras are a great deterrent.  Have them pointed to every door and access point.

Robert Siciliano personal and home security specialist to Home Security Source discussing home invasions on the Gordon Elliot Show.

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    Nowadays, identity theft crimes are coupled with other crimes that may not only cost you your bank account, but it can also cost you your life. You should definitely be careful with strangers, especially when alone at home, because you will never know which of them intends to do bad things to you. Locking doors and having a burglar alarm in your house are good measures of safety.


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