Gritty Grandma Foils Home Invasion

In Colorado Springs the reports an eighty-three-year-old grandmother has a simple message for the bad guys: “Nobody better mess with me.”

“A man used a crow bar or similar tool to pry at the back door of her central Colorado Springs home. Throwing her 112 pound frame against the door, she wasn’t having it. The intruder — who wore a hooded sweatshirt — took off running after she blocked the way and cried out that she was calling the police.”

The scenario went like this: She was on the phone calling in a prescription. She sees a guy in a hooded sweatshirt coming down her front walkway.  He puts the hood on then rings the doorbell. She doesn’t answer. Grandma states in the article “I never come to the door.” Then moments later after ringing the doorbell and knocking loudly, he went around to her back door and began prying at the back door with a crowbar.

“She shouted for the man to leave, and he began pounding at the door. Then she placed herself against the door and continued shouting that she was going to call police. Then the door began to open, leaving a three-inch gap of daylight between the door and the frame.”

Then for whatever reason, he took off running. For whatever reason the home invader got spooked.

This is a happy ending. But it could have just as easily, and it’s more likely to have ended tragically as it does in similar situations every day. He probably didn’t intend on “invading” the home, because he didn’t think she was home. But more likely he was going to burgle it with her gone.

What to do?

Signage outside, front and back saying the home is alarmed is a deterrent.

Big dog bowls saying “Killer” on the front and back porch is a deterrent.

When at home and seeing someone trying to break in, hit the panic button on your alarm. For my system it’s the “A” and “1” button simultaneously. That sends off a shrieking alarm and calls the police.

Have your alarm on 24/7. Meaning if someone pries open a door while you are home or away, the alarm goes off.

Install home security cameras around the perimeter. I have 8 cameras outside fully encompassing every door and window.

These are all layers of security. The more layers you install the less likely your home will be targeted.

Robert Siciliano personal and home security specialist to Home Security Source discussing ADT Pulse™ on Fox News.

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