Bold Signage Offers Intimidating Layer of Protection

GUNS GUNS GUNS. People love their GUNS.

Guns are deadly. And as far as the constitution insinuates, that’s the whole point.

Frankly, I like the feel of a gun’s craftsmanship and the occasional target or clay pigeon shooting. The idea of guns makes sense to me for purposes of protection, although, I’m always concerned with guns in the wrong hands, which, unfortunately is a lot of unstable people.

A gun of course is a layer of protection and has been proven to protect civilians, military, police officers, and others in high risk professions every day.

What scares me is people who hide behind their guns in a way that their sweaty grip on them clouds common sense. And of course there is a much higher chance that a gun owner or their family can be killed by their own firearm in their own home too.

Texans love their guns, and again, there’s nothing wrong with that so please don’t send me hate comments.

Fox news reports “a 71-year-old Texas woman has a message for the person who broke into her home last week, “Try to break into this house again, your head will be blown off!” Its message is written in bold, capital letters and is accompanied by a picture of a handgun”, on her front lawn. You go girl.

The woman’s son had the sign made in response to a home invasion.

The intruder kicked her door in and her dogs started barking and hissing which may have given the intruder paws (I mean pause) and he fled.

The sign now warns that the burglar, and the millions of others who may pass through Lufkin Texas, that a little old lady and her Chihuahua are packing heat.

She at least needs a home security system, and probably a bigger watchdog, and a better door.

Robert Siciliano personal and home security specialist to Home Security Source discussing Home Security on NBC Boston.

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