Butler Charged With Home Invasion

Every time I ask my butler to take out the trash or get me some Grey Poupon mustard he gives me lip. I’ve relegated him to cleaning my Bentley every day with a tooth brush.

When people think about protecting themselves from the bad guy, they mostly think about a stranger, someone not known to them who have evil intentions. However, all too often it is someone known to the victim.

The term “inside job” is of course when those known to the victim or institution are responsible for the crime.

Insiders are put in a position of trust. They have details at their disposal that enables them to pull off a heist with ease and those details may have them believe their chances of getting caught lessen.

Inside jobs are often played out in movies with an air of truth where a gangster works as a security guard or a bank teller feigns a robbery done by her boyfriend. When I was in high school, two kids I knew worked at a local gas station and had the bright idea to pocket the days proceeds and call the police to report as robbery.

They got away with it, for a day. Their boss was a hulking and imposing man and when he drilled them on what happened he noticed one of them cracking, then he pounded harder until they both broke.

AZCentral.com reports “A former butler of a billionaire socialite has been charged in connection with the 2007 home invasion at her estate, where authorities say the assailants injected her with what they claimed was poison in a failed plot to extort $8.5 million.

Three men dressed all in black, wearing hoods and carrying guns and what appeared to be accordion cases or small suitcases, snuck into the home. The victims were blindfolded and tied up in her bedroom while the assailants roamed the house looking for safes. Investigators believed that the men were familiar with the house because they knew its layout and apparently were aware that its elaborate alarm system either wasn’t working or wasn’t turned on that night.”

While the enemy here is the butler, the catalyst that fueled the crime was “trust”. Trust is an inherent trait we require to function. Without it we would cease to move forward.

And while you need to trust, you shouldn’t let your guard down. Contractors, baby sitters, house cleaners, family members, anyone knocking on your door, those in uniforms or holding badges and especially butlers! can all abuse trust.

Home security cameras, home security alarms and other layers of protection help keep those you trust honest.

Robert Siciliano personal and home security specialist to Home Security Source discussing burglar proofing your home on Fox Boston.

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