Don’t Forget About Garage Security

When you think about home security you may not think about garage security because you don’t actually live it in. But a garage is often one of the best ways for the bad guy to break into your home, especially if it’s an attached garage.

Criminals scope out the exterior and seek the path of least resistance. If the garage has an entrance door and a garage door they will determine which is easiest to compromise.

An entrance door that has small windows is easily compromised when a little window near a door lock is smashed and the burglar reaches their hand through and opens the door.

Once they are in the garage they have access to the interior door which is often unlocked. I’ve seen footage of burglars breaking into a garage and using the homeowners own chainsaw to cut through a door or wall to gain access to the home. This method won’t trigger any interior door alarm sensors because the door is never opened.

Garage doors are easy to break into with a coat hanger as demonstrated in this video on YouTube. Another way would simply be to drill a hole thru the door and slide a coat hanger in pulling down on the emergency pull cord.

Both of these tactics can be remedied by installing a zip tie as demonstrated in this YouTube video.

In my garage my home security system includes a sensor on the door, so if the door is opened the alarm goes off. There is also a motion sensor in the garage so if all else fails the motion sensor picks up movement. And to document anything happening there is a home security camera connected to my ADT Pulse system.

Robert Siciliano personal and home security specialist to Home Security Source discussing ADTPulse on Fox News.

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