Dumb Criminal Gets Caught Wearing Victims Clothes

A traveler was in a bus station and put his bag down for 2 seconds to get some food and the bag disappeared.  He called the police and they made their way down to the bus station.

The victim lost a laptop, black and white motorcycle jacket and a black Kiss concert T-shirt.

Now if I was a thief, which I’m not, and I stole something, I wouldn’t hang around the crime scene. My thinking is that’s probably a good way to get nabbed. So anyway the cops came and investigated.

So what do they see? A person walking around wearing a black and white motorcycle jacket and a black Kiss concert T-shirt.

The rest of the bags contents including the laptop, was hidden across the street at a car dealership.

Bags are stolen all the time. Pocket books off the back of chairs, laptop bags sitting next to you in a café or airport, and briefcases in a business luncheon. The list goes on. We think we are safe because people are generally honest. However predators lurk amongst the honest people and snap up their belongings in an instant.

One way thieves steal bags is via a “distraction crime”. They see your bag sitting to your left and they distract you on your right as their accomplice takes your bag.

To protect yourself without having to stress out and stare at a bag all day consider a few things:

Whenever putting a bag down, put it between your feet. The chances of someone taking it diminish.

If you must put it on a chair wrap the bags strap around a chair arm or leg.

Purchase a ‘Bag Alarm” which is like a mini home security system that affixes to your bag and senses movement alerting you to potential theft.

Robert Siciliano personal and home security specialist to Home Security Source discussing Home Security on NBC Boston. Disclosures.

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