Burglars Pose As Doctors, Victims Take Pills

There is unfortunately no limit to how naïve (and stupid) and vulnerable the public is to the evil (and creative) criminal mind when it comes to home security and burglary.

I haven’t seen reports of this happening in the US, yet, but in Turkey which is somewhere over there, burglars are actually donning white coats, and stethoscopes and knocking on peoples doors to burglarize them. They begin to use a ruse that may involve instantly reducing high blood pressure or another ruse conning the victim into ingesting a heavy sedative knocking them out.

Humans need to be led. Meaning we need leaders such as Presidents, Dictators, Prime Ministers, Generals, Police, Teachers etc. We need authoritarian figures to tell us what to do. Otherwise many of us would be wandering around bumping into walls (visualize that!).

Criminals know that we bow to authority so they pose as police, fire, inspectors, and DOCTORS.

The Turkish police were so alarmed by this trend they set out to test the public with their own “pose as a doctor” scam with a placebo pill in hand and got an astounding 86 percent of people to take the pills!!!

Can you say OMG!?!?

In other parts of Turkey the police tested people at apartment complexes to see what kind of apartment security systems may be in place. Most buildings have some form of intercom with a buzz-in system to let people in. But when the police would randomly select an apartment number and the person responded, the cops would state “I’m a burglar please open the door” Ands of course the police were amazed that every time they tried this, someone at the building would eventually let them in.

Come on people, I’m trying here. Is anyone listening?

Robert Siciliano personal and home security specialist to Home Security Source discussing ADTPulse on Fox News. Disclosures

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