Securing a Home with Automation

You know how much you love to and rely on controlling your TV from your couch? I’m a little dumfounded when I can’t find the remote. And by the time I do, I could have easily changed the channel and found what I was looking for, but the process just isn’t the same without the remote control. The operative word in “remote control” is “control”.  While remote certainly is the benefit, it is control that adds to the experience.

Let me say this another way. Yes you can stand in front of your TV and switch channels, but you will quickly get bored and settle for something you may not want. Where-as with the remote, you have a whole different level of control that lets you jump around and handle the TV and the entertainment experience in another more satisfactory way. We wonder how people ever functioned without a remote. Actually, that’s easy to answer. There were less than 20 channels. People watched maybe 4 of them. So there weren’t many options. It was easier back then to be content.

Today we have so many functions within our homes that it seems primitive that many don’t have the ability to control them from one place whether remotely or within the home. Automated systems and remote security systems like ADT Pulse™ and ADT Pulse™ for business allow homeowners or operators of a business to control a building’s key functions without even having to be present.

Get control over:

Home Security systems

Video monitoring

Heating and cooling systems


Automated alerts: your homes automation and home security monitoring can send calls, texts and emails to your mobile or work email letting you know if there’s beam an attempted burglary, or even if a pipe bursts.

Increase your homes security and save time, money and enjoy the conveniences of remotely controlling your home.

Robert Siciliano personal and home security specialist to Home Security Source discussing ADT Pulse™ on Fox News. Disclosures

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