Three Dead and One Shot in Home Invasion

Not all home invaders invade to steal. Some are simply mentally ill and violent and seek a victim or in this case, victims. Here is an unfortunate example of why you should have a home alarm system and security cameras.

Imagine living into your 80’s only to be taken down by the neighbor from down the street in a fit of rage. With no signs of forced entry the 27 year old with a history of mental illness committed a random act of violence by stabbing a husband, wife and their son before being shot and killed by the son.

Apparently the son had come home to his parent’s home and walked in on the stabbing. He quickly ran upstairs and grabbed a gun and shot the suspect a bunch of times.

There were no signs of forced entry where the attack occurred. Investigators found one unlocked door between the garage entry and main house.

I’ve seen studies published declaring as much as 50% of all people suffer some form of mental illness. Not all are violent, but the ones who are, are all around us. For your own safety, develop a personal security mindset. This means thinking proactively by asking “what if” questions and visualizing possibilities. By predicting and then preventing bad things from happening, you are actively involved in your personal security and that of your families.

When you do this, develop a strategy to that ensures your families security. Lock your windows, bolt your doors and install a home security system.

Robert Siciliano personal and home security specialist to Home Security Source discussing ADT Pulse™ on Fox News Live. Disclosures

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