3 Incredible Reasons Why Security Cameras Rock

Reason 1: In Pittsfield Massachusetts a minor league baseball team was reeling after continual theft from the team’s locker room. And to help solve the problem they I installed a single video surveillance camera.

The 42 year old thief was recently caught on camera and arrested for stealing cash from the lockers of the team during a ball game. He of course pleaded not guilty. The video states otherwise. Video doesn’t lie. In this scenario the team players should have locked the locker room up or at least locked their lockers.

Reason 2: A guy named Eddie was labeled a geek by his home invaders who believed he wouldn’t put up a fight. The where right, he is a geek and didn’t put up a fight. Geeks, in general, are smart though, so he installed a security camera. The thieves broke into his home and stole money and vowing to not let that happen again he went out and bought a surveillance camera.

The next day young teens came to his unlocked home and held him at knife and gun point and robbed him, all caught on tape. All 4 teens were caught and now face prosecution.

Eddie should lock his doors and get a home security system.

Reason 3: This story doesn’t have a happy ending, but hopefully it will. In Oakland California a woman was robbed but then sexually assaulted. Amazingly she caught the whole burglary part on tape on her mobile phone.

The video is clear and crisp and will hopefully bring this man to justice.

In the future I’d recommend NOT busting out your mobile video but instead using that same phone to call 911 as you run out of the home to safety. There are many things wrong with this situation but manly that the victim didn’t need to be a victim.

I’m a big fan of video, but a bigger fan of RUNNING.

Robert Siciliano personal and home security specialist to Home Security Source discussing ADT Pulse™ on Fox News. Disclosures

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