This Doesn’t Happen In Small Towns

If you have children you know what worry is. If you have a daughter you worry times ten. I have 2 daughters and I worry times 10,000. Worrying is unproductive however, but taking action can and putting your worry to work can create positive results.

In a small Massachusetts town a recently graduated and talented 18 year old woman got off work and went to the beach to meet an 18 year old man she was in some type of relationship with.

She was supposed to check in with her dad early evening and never did. Her father got worried and called all her fiends then the police. The next day a bicyclist found her body in a wooded area in the small town.

The 18 year old man was arrested in the same day as the suspect in her murder. Her dad was quoted saying “When we fall in love, we allow ourselves to become vulnerable and we lose perspective.” That’s an amazingly poignant and correct observation coming from a man who just lost his daughter and only child

The Boston Globe reported one of the residents stated “People who are not from a small town don’t understand. We are all so tight here. . . . Stuff like this doesn’t happen here.’’

Stuff like this happens in small towns. It happens everywhere. Predators are people not “right in the head” and they are part of every town.

Reporting this isn’t fun.  Reading is less so. Worrying is futile. But taking action and learning self defense, teaching your kids at an early age how to protect themselves is fundamental to living.

Robert Siciliano personal and home security specialist to Home Security Source discussing self defense on Fox Boston. Disclosures.

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