Victim Jumps from Second Floor in Home Invasion

In Illinois in an apartment building that just happens to be in yelling distance from a police station, a man jumped from his second floor window screaming for help. Fortunately the police were able to catch the two guys who invaded his apartment.

Apparently he didn’t have a home security alarm system, which is an option in an apartment and something to consider.

Two men kicked in his door threatening the man with a gun and proceeded to tie the guy up. When they left to kick in the door of another apartment he was able to break free and that’s when he jumped.

I’ve often thought of what my response would be in a situation like this as my home has multiple floors. As a result I’ve taken my wife floor to floor and discussed the possibilities of escape and the logistics involved.

Jumping from a second floor window or porch certainly could kill you. So can falling off a chair you might be standing on to water plants. However a second floor window in most cases won’t be much higher than 20 feet and faced with a gun or a knife wielded by a violent home invader, jumping 20 feet for this guy was definitely an option for him.

On houses with porches that have poles and posts and the resident is adept at climbing that may be a consideration for some.

The safest and most recommended option is a fire escape ladder. I own a 25 foot ladder, three-story fire escape ladder with anti-slip rungs that can hang out a window.

It’s in my closet in case of fire or a home invasion and hopefully I never have to use it.

Robert Siciliano personal and home security specialist to Home Security Source discussing ADT Pulse™ on Fox News. Disclosures

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