Teens Trash Ex-Besties House When Away

My assistant sends me this:

“Here’s a story that you can use for a Home Security blog if you want:

Jodie (my daughter) gets a phone call Friday night from her best friend Audrey about their old best friend Nancy. Nancy was Jodie and Audreys best friend up until 6-8 months ago when Nancy started hanging with “the wrong kids”.

Apparently this weekend Nancy decided it would be fun if her and her boyfriend and 2 other couples partied in Audrey’s house while Audrey and her family were away. It was easy for Nancy because she knew where the family hid the spare key.

So Nancy and her boyfriend and the 2 couples broke in to Audrey’s house, drank their booze, used their bedrooms and trashed the house.

Then the neighbors noticed something going on and knew the family wasn’t supposed to be there. Cops came, kids ran, they caught 2 who rolled on the 4 others. The police contacted Audrey’s parents who were asked by the police to press charges. Well Audrey’s parents didn’t press charges because they were friends with Nancy’s parents. Who have been oblivious to all of Nancy’s shenanigans as of lately.”

OMG! I’m not sure what amuses me the most about this story. On one hand we have the drama of “best friends”, on the other hand we have “teens gone wild” and on the other hand we have “Nancy’s shenanigans as of lately”!! Someone strap a video camera to that kid! MTV needs a new show!

Jodie’s best friend Audrey’s parents who are friends with Nancy’s parents could have avoided their home being used as an unauthorized teen social soiree if they:

Realized everyone including burglars, the mailman and especially Nancy knows where you hide the spare key.

Prohibited their child from socializing with anyone ever for any reason and kept her in the basement until she was 30.

Had a home security alarm system equipped with home security cameras to alert them to an unauthorized intrusion.

Just sayin’

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