Celine Dions Burglar Takes a Bath

The burglar apparently sauntered up her driveway and jiggled the door of an unlocked car in the driveway. The door was open and of course the keys were in the ignition along with the garage door opener.

This was all the burglar needed to open the door, head inside and make himself a tasty snack (pastries, I love pastry, I’m Italian you know.). Meanwhile as he’s munching away he drew himself a nice warm bubble bath. I’ll bet Celine Dion has nice bubbles and a nicer bath. Must be as big as my whole first floor.

Celine actually had a home alarm, but apparently it doesn’t have a siren, I don’t know. Or maybe the burglar was hard of hearing.

A monitored home security system can be as little as $99.00 installed then a dollar a day for monitoring. Celine Dion probably makes $99.00 in a matter of seconds when she’s headlining and performing at the Coliseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

For the short money that a home alarm costs, she should have one that has a siren. Ya think?

Fortunately for the Dion’s, they were traveling. If you travel away from your home:

  • Don’t leave your keys in your unlocked car in your driveway.
  • Use timers on indoor and outdoor lights.
  • Let a trusted neighbor and the police know you are traveling.
  • Unplug garage door openers.
  • If grass is still growing where you live and if you’re gone for a bit have a landscaper mow your lawn.
  • Don’t share your travel plans on social media or on a voicemail outgoing message.
  • Lock everything of significant value in a safe.
  • Invest in a home security camera system and home security alarm system.

Robert Siciliano personal and home security specialist to Home Security Source discussingADT Pulse on Fox News Live. Disclosures

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