Burglar Hits 60 Houses in 60 Days

Police in Morristown NJ have a prime suspect in mind which they call an “opportunist”. Sometimes the burglar breaks in by using a crowbar or breaking a window but mostly he just goes in through an unlocked door or window.

He’s going after the standard gold jewelry and laptops, stuff that’s easy to fence.

But what makes this story so interesting is the police know who he is but can’t arrest him.  The police Chief was quoted saying “This is a person who knows video surveillance very well and knows technology very well, and he does this for a living and he doesn’t want to get caught.”

The neighbors were quoted as saying stuff like “we never see a police car around” etc and the police respond by saying “the government can’t do everything anymore, the chief said. “We simply need more help from the communities we serve. Most of it is eyes and ears, and picking up the phone.”

The Chief suggested everyone pay attention and even start a neighborhood watch.

Readers of these posts know I’m all about taking personal responsibility. And while law enforcements role is to serve and protect, it is impossible to have a police car parked in every driveway. The fact that this neighborhood doesn’t even have a neighborhood watch in place is telling. These are people who simply aren’t proactive. Windows and doors are unlocked, and it seems residents don’t have home security alarms either.

But I’ll be they are installing them now.

Robert Siciliano personal and home security specialist toHome Security Source discussingADT Pulse on Fox News Live. Disclosures


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