Daylight Back to Back Burglaries In Same Town

Most people think that burglaries happen at night, in the dark when burglars can creep undetected. But the reality is most burglaries happen during the day when you are at work. Burglars work too, in the day, 9-5, like you. This is why a home security alarm is so important.

In Warwick Rhode Island police are on the lookout for someone who forced their way into two homes that apparently didn’t have home security systems. Why in 2011 someone doesn’t have an alarm that sends a shrieking siren and calls the police is just mind boggling to me. Anyway the burglars apparently spent a significant amount of time there because they turned everything upside down and were able to steal “large quantities of jewelry, laptops and other electronic equipment from the properties.”

The statement “large quantities of jewelery, laptops and other electronic equipment” is further distressing because these people were naïve enough to believe they wouldn’t be targeted and didn’t even have the sensibility to get a safe!

In one instance the burglars broke a window near a door and were able to reach inside and get a key that was in the lock! Anyone that has a door surrounded by glass should invest in a window film glass protecting product called “Shattergard” that makes it difficult for a bad guy to simply break a window and reach in.

Robert Siciliano personal and home security specialist to Home Security Source discussingADT Pulse on Fox News. Disclosures

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