Reinforcing Your Doors Security (Part 2 of 3)

In a recent post I discussed 5 different kinds of door reinforcement devices. In this post I’m going to review a door frame reinforcement device by Door Devil. I reached out to other manufacturers of door frame reinforcement and only Nick Fairless from Door Devil was kind enough to respond and send out a device to test.

The Door Devil Anti Kick Door Jamb Security Kit is made of a 1/16“ heavy steel and is 4 feet in length and is installed on the door jamb center, right over the exiting strike plates. Standard door security is comprised of (2-4) small screws through 1-2 small strike plates attached to a thin door frame. A strong kick focuses on this single weak point and easily blows apart the door frame. That’s why kick-ins are (by far) the #1 tactic for home invaders.

|Door Jamb fortified with Door Devil™ provides additional security with:

1) 48″ steel door jamb reinforcement replaces 3″ brass strike plate

2) Force is diffused across 4 feet of the door frame

3) 3.5″ heavy screws drive into 2×4 studs behind door frame

4) 3″ screws reinforce hinges – provide extra door security

What I like most about the door frame reinforcement technology is that it’s always there. Meaning there are no moving/additional parts, it requires no effort other than an initial install and then locking your doors. By itself the Door Devil is one layer of security in addition to a home security alarm and cameras and does a great job. Keep in mind that after about a minute of kicking and shouldering a door, most burglars would give up.

There is one more layer of door security I’d recommend in the category of “door brace” discussed in post 3.

Robert Siciliano personal and home security specialist to Home Security Source discussing ADT Pulse on Fox News. Disclosures


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