Defense Begins in Petit Home Invasions

It’s as hard for me to write this as it is for you to read this. In one of the worst publically known home invasions of the 21st century one defendant has received the death penalty while the other is facing the same fate. Joshua Komisarjevsky, confessed to the attack on the home and family of Dr. William Petit, and the murders of his wife, Jennifer Hawke-Petit, 48, and girls Michaela Petit, 11 and Hayley Petit, 17.

The 2 home invaders met in jail and after they got out one night set out to rob some people at ATMs and ultimately landed at the Petit home. The father was sitting on his sun porch when the two men came in and Komisarjevsky hit him with a baseball bat.

Then both men went up stairs to tie up mom and two kids. A short while later one of them escorted the mother to the bank to take out $15,000.00.

When they came back each of the men sexually assaulted the mom and a daughter. To cover up the DNA evidence they debated to burn the house down killing the victims and destroy the evidence.

After what Komisarjevsky described as a brief argument they agreed and poured gasoline all over the house. The mom and her daughters died of smoke inhalation.

In his confession Komisarjevsky stated “They did every, they did, they did what they were supposed to do. There was no reason for them to die. They were compliant the entire way, both you know, very bright young ladies.”

We can “what if” all day long and play out different endings as a result of actions or inaction taken. I’ll simply offer this; while compliance is how most of us are raised and is necessary in a civilized society, sometimes noncompliance is in order in an uncivilized situation.

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