Lonely Hearts Target of Dating Scams

Online dating websites are aware that scammers use their platforms to defraud men and women looking for love. With the holidays around the corner, many unsuspecting people will be used and abused by scammers, who will break their hearts, their bank accounts, or both.

Many of the stories of heartbreak and fraud look like this:

“After chatting via email, they arranged to meet, but their plans ‘collapsed’ when he told her that he had been held by tax authorities over an issue while he was attempting to fly out on business.

The so-called ‘Mr. Fields’ then asked the nurse for financial help, using emails from his fake solicitor to convince the nurse that this was merely an oversight and that his client would pay her back.”

No matter who someone is, what they say, or how they look, don’t automatically trust them.

Discussion of money or loans in any capacity is a red flag.

Don’t let your heart get in the way of basic common sense.

Sometimes loneliness trumps our ability to see the truth. Keep your head up and be attentive to people’s intentions.  In context of the “Color Code of Mental Awareness” this would mean operating in the yellow zone (not in the white zone) while interacting with others on dating and social networking sites.

One company looking out for you behind the scenes is iovation Inc.  They work with dating sites and social networks around the world to rid their sites of bad actors.  They have stopped more than 50 million attempts of online scams and solicitations, spam, identity mining and fake profiles for their clients. All of this happens behind the scenes to keep the site and its customers safe.

Robert Siciliano, personal security and identity theft expert contributor to iovation, discusses Dating Security on E! True Hollywood Stories.  Disclosures


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