Stalkers Bad Tasting Lollipop

What I love about the internet is the ability to learn, grow, create, share and so many other verbs. What I hate is the creepiness of the internet and the weirdness of coming in contact with trench coat wearing freakazoids.

A new website called “Take This Lollipop” (TTL) is another reason to have ahome security alarm. TTL brings together everything I love and hate in one convenient place.

Through a very well produced and very “dark” video, you will get a sense of what a twisted predator may be doing when stalking their prey using technology.

If you dare to connect your Facebook account to TTL you will experience a front seat theater ticket to a movie about you being stalked by a sweaty gross man with nasty dirty fingernails slithering through your Facebook account photos and looking at all your friends and the locations you have been. What’s worse is as the film progresses he gets angrier as he drives his car to where you are.

Location sharing in social media has never been a good idea for this reason. Sharing family photos, home addresses, kids names, etc has always been a little risky. Friending freaky people or complete strangers goes against everything Mom ever taught you. All I’m saying is, yes, this is only a move, it’s not real, but the lessons of it are.

Oh, and if you don’t want to connect your Facebook to TTL, you can watch some other poor soul get stalked HERE.

Robert Siciliano personal and home security specialist to Home Security Source discussing sharing too much information online on Fox News.Disclosures.



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