Securing Your Small Business Like A Bank

Banks know security. They have to, because as Willie Sutton once said “that’s where the money is”.

A bank, for example, has multiple layers of security. First, consider the perimeter of the building, which is often designed to include large windows, so that passerby or law enforcement can easily see any problems occurring inside. The bank’s doors have locks. Of course, there is an alarm system, which includes panic buttons, glassbreak detectors, and motion sensors. These are all layers, as are security cameras, bulletproof glass, and armed guards. Ideally, tellers and management should have robbery response training. Many banks use dye packs or even GPS to track stolen cash.

Each of these layers is designed to make it harder for a robber to do his job.

TicoTimes reported “Banco Nacional installed more than 9,000 security cameras in each of its bank and ATMs this week as part of a new satellite surveillance system. The cameras will provide a live video feed from each bank and ATM location and will be watched by a team of security officials stationed in a monitoring center in San José.”

The installation of the video surveillance system was strategically inaugurated prior to the month of December, which traditionally sees some of the highest numbers of thefts in Costa Rica due to the holiday season and distribution of mandatory Christmas bonuses

Think about what current layers of business protection you have in place and how many more layers can be installed that allow for a seamless customer experience and a secure minded culture.

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