Prevent Someone From Slipping You a Micky

Some call it a Mickey or a roofie but technically they are known as Rohypnoll, Ketamine or GHB. These are drugsdesigned in specific quantities that when taken can cause temporary loss of memory and in some cases cause a person to black out.

Most often the drugs are in pill form but can be ground into a powder that is tasteless and odorless however Rohypnoll has been redesigned to turn blue when in contact with fluids and GHB may be salty to the taste.

When the drugs are dropped in someone’s drink whether it be water or a cocktail they won’t taste it going down. They’re fast acting drugs that in the right quantity will send a person to another dimension within an hour.

The ease in which it is to drop a powder into a drink coupled with the control that a bad person can have over another is what makes this such an attractive crime to many evil doers.  I did a segment on the Tyra Banks show where we set up an actor in a bar who “hit” on 3 different woman we west up to go to a bar. Our actor approached all three of these woman who made it very easy for our actor to either slip them a roofie and or get them to his car where he had duct tape, ropes and other tools to restrain.

The most effective ways to prevent yourself from getting drugged include common sense tactics such as:

Get your own drink: Never let anyone get you a drink. Even if they insist.They can buy you a drink, but you need to get if from the bartender.

Cover your drink with your hand: This means never putting it down and walking away. It also means being somewhat obsessed with having your hand over the opening of the glass or the mouth of a bottle.

Invest in drink detection tools or devices that prevent a Mickey from being inserted here.

Robert Siciliano personal and home security specialist to Home Security Source discussing ADT Pulse on Fox News.