5 Must Have Small Business Security Tools

Security Alarm System: No matter what kind of business you are in, there is something of value within your facility that a criminal will fence for drugs. Everything from products you sell, to warehouse items, maintenance tools, phone systems, office furniture, computers and the company safe.

Security Cameras: Whether you are protecting the perimeter of the property from vandals or thieves or protecting the inventory from theft, or even the cash register from sweethearting or robbery, security cameras are an essential component to any small business security system.

Business Continuity: Having a data backup locally is essential. Having a data backup in the cloud is fundamental. And having a backup for all your network operations either at a remote facility or accessible in the cloud is an insurance policy no small business should do without.

Secure Information Technology: A comprehensive information security plan that involves encrypting all sensitive data, ongoing critical security patches, antivirus protection, antispyware, firewalls (both software and hardware) and a secure Internet gateway are critical to preventing costly data breaches.

Secure Mobile Fleet: Managing digital devices such as mobile phones, tablets, thumbdrives and any other portable device that stores or communicates data can be the equivalent of herding cats if not done right. IT managers must have security policies in place to deal with and manage devices attached to the network in some way. Many security vendors provide comprehensive solutions to keep track of, lock down, and secure devices.

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