10 Tips How to Prevent Retail Shoplifting

People steal. Stealing is normal. That doesn’t mean it’s good, because it isn’t, but I’ll bet some scientist could prove stealing is in our DNA. We’ve been stealing to survive for millions of years. Today, you wouldn’t think stealing would be necessary, but still, millions steal because of need or greed. Store managers know this better than anyone.

According to the Nation Retail Security Survey, small businesses often experience higher annual shrinkage than larger companies. In part because smaller businesses are not equipped with retail security systems. However, there is plenty you can do to reduce and/or prevent retail theft.

Make it Difficult for Retail Theft to Happen:

#1 Instruct employees to be the first line of defense by greeting or acknowledging every customer who enters their department.

#2 Provide personal customer service to as many customers as possible.

#3 Instruct floor personnel to make frequent eye contact with customers who wish to browse on their own.

#4 Assign zones for staff coverage so that floor personnel don’t leave vulnerable areas unattended.

#5 Instruct floor personnel to make a pleasant comment to every customer about the item(s) being taken into the fitting room, so that the customer is aware of what is expected to be either returned or purchased.

#6 Always maintain 100 percent compliance when placing security tags on vulnerable merchandise.

#7 Install added security measures in “blind spots” around the store (e.g., bright lighting, security mirrors, anti-shoplifting signs, and camera).

#8 Lower displays around the cash register that block the cashier’s view of the selling floor.

#9 If your store is large in size, improve retail security by making frequent announcements over the public address (PA) system, such as “Security to area 4,” even if your store doesn’t have security personnel or an area 4.

#10 Issue a criminal trespass warning to all known shoplifters who you want to be prohibited (by law) from entering your store again. Let shoplifters know, by work and deed, that your store prosecutes all offenders.

Robert Siciliano personal and small business security specialist toADT Small Business Security discussingADT Pulse on Fox News. Disclosures