Travel Safety – Part 3: 10 Must-Know Airplane Safety Tips

Since 9/11 we have all learned by example that coming together as a physical force we can overpower hijackers or air-raggers. Anyone becoming aware of a potential threat has a responsibility to make other passengers aware of the situation. Here are some basic airplane safety tips you should implement the next time you travel.

  1. 1.     Store your carry-on luggage across the aisle instead of over your head. You want to keep an eye on it. Otherwise someone can easily go into the overhead bin and remove your belongings. Never put a pocketbook under the seat. The person behind you can remove a credit card and you might not know it for a couple of days.
  2. 2.     Pay close attention to flight attendant instructions when aboard an aircraft.
  3. 3.     In the event of recognizing potential danger, first security steps include making the airplane crew aware, one on one.
  4. 4.     Depending on the volatility of the situation, it could be necessary to quickly bring attention to the cause by rallying passengers first.
  5. 5.     Use caution to avoid unnecessarily alarming others. For your personal safety, trust your gut and be careful to not escalate what could already be a volatile situation.
  6. 6.     Request window seats in a plane’s coach section. Hijackers often take hostages from first-class aisle seats.
  7. 7.     Request a seat next to the plane’s emergency exit. Each time you get on a plane review the instructions for opening the door. However, anyone who does not feel he or she could prevent a disgruntled passenger from opening an emergency exit during flight should not sit in these rows.
  8. 8.     If your plane is hijacked, do NOT make eye contact with the hijackers, which can increase the chances that you will be singled out for attention. Stay calm, follow directions, don’t argue, and don’t attempt heroics—at least not yet. These are desperate people.
  9. 9.     Don’t tell a stranger your plans. The accomplices of hijackers often disguise themselves as passengers.
  10. 10.  Even with security as tight as it is and all the security camera systems, be aware of potential weapons that can still be smuggled onto an airplane: explosives, pepper spray, razor blades, knives, and even guns made of metal or plastic. Undetectable by a metal detector, plastic, wood, and glass can all be shaped into sharp, lethal devices. In addition, plenty of items that belong on an airplane could be used as weapons, including hot water or coffee, serving carts, bags, blankets, headset cords, shoes, pens, batteries, and keys. Even the blunt end of a rolled-up magazine can be used to jab.

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